Let us introduce you to a unique and authentic olive oil.

If we continue to stand out within and beyond our bordersit isbecause our olive oil isspecial and is often the best.

We give you ROSMANINHO.

PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil

ROSMANINHO olive oil has the top classification – it is a PDO EXTRA Virgin Olive Oil.
EXTRA Virgin because it ispure olive juice and has an acidity of less than 0.8%.
PDO because it isproduced in a designated zone in Portugal with recognised quality for the production of olive oil.

Traditional Olive Grove

We are proud to preserve our ancestral heritage.
In Valpaços we maintain the olive grove handed down to us by our grandparents' grandparents. Because we respect them, because we want to maintain tradition and because we care about the quality of our olive oil.



PDO Protected Designation of Origin. ROSMANINHO bears the PDO stamp because it is produced in a specific area of Portugal - Trás-os-Montes. It is a stamp of quality that distinguishes us from run-of-the-mill olive oils and provides a guarantee for consumers that they are buying a product of known origin. The certification is awarded annually by official and independent entities, which validate the quality of the olive oil through samples taken directly at the mill.


Polyphenols are one of the most important characteristics olive oil has for human health. They are antioxidants that neutralise free radicals and help to combat degenerative diseases, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and have anti-inflammatory effects.

ROSMANINHO is rich in polyphenols because it is produced from traditional olives that grow in a special microclimate, because of the varieties of olive from which it is made and because it is harvested, not when we determine, but when the trees say so and the fruit is at optimal ripeness.

Polyphenols are basically antioxidants that neutralise free radicals, help combat degenerative diseases, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and have anti-inflammatory effects.

Low Acidity

ROSMANINHO olive oil has naturally low acidity.

Almost the entire production has less than 0.2% acidity. This is an important indicator in the quality of olive oil and is the consequence of the care taken throughout the process, from the harvesting and transportation of the olives to the mill, to their rapid transformation into olive oil.

First cold extraction

All the ROSMANINHO olive oil is obtained through the first extraction of the olives.

In order to keep the properties of a good olive oil, such as a fruity flavour, low acidity, high level of polyphenols and the classification of “extra virgin”, the transformation process must be done at low temperatures. Our technology allows us to control the entire transformation process automatically at a temperature never higher than 27/28 degrees.

Three olives – the perfect recipe

Our olive oils are made from three varieties of olive - Cobrançosa, Madural and Verdeal.

Cobrançosa is the variety most used in the olive oil we produce. It is an olive that is gaining the attention of specialists and has become increasingly popular internationally as it is so versatile in cooking.

But it is the blend of the three olives that distinguishes us -  because there is a perfect balance between the exuberance of Cobrançosa, the complexity of Madural and the robustness of Verdeal, responsible for the stability of this happy union.

Totally adapted to the climate of Trás-os-Montes, these are the three olive varieties that define the personality of our olive oils.


Our outstanding olive oil comes from the superior quality of our olives. And our olives are exceptional because they are the fruit of this land.

The soils of Valpaços are rich. The climate in which the olive trees grow is everything we could wish for in order to produce a wonderful olive oil, recognised in the four corners of the world.



Our commitment is to produce an exceptional olive oil.

Every year we send samples of the harvest to a certified laboratory. That is how we guarantee the truth of the labels on our products.  That is how we prove the quality that distinguishes us.

The cooperative's mill is also certified by ISO 22000 and HACCP – a guarantee that we adhere to the most demanding food safety standards.