The beginning - 1951

The Olive Growers Cooperative of Valpaços - Cooperativa de Olivicultores de Valpaços, C.R.L. - is founded on 1st June 1951 by twenty-eight members. Its constitution and articles of association are immediately approved and published in the Diário do Governo no. 141, II series, on the 21st of the same month. The first administration consists of Manuel Moutinho as Chairman, Manuel Joaquim de Carvalho as Secretary and António Barreira de Carvalho as Treasurer. The Cooperative's sphere of action initially covers the boroughs of Valpaços, Vassal, Sanfins, Rio Torto, Possacos, Vilarandelo, Crasto and Água Revez.


We start work on the 1951 / 52 campaign with the head office, mill and warehouses at Av. Engº Luís de Castro Saraiva. We remain there for 50 years.

The mill operates with three presses powered by a Lister generator. The production capacity is 10,000 kg/14h.


A share is taken from the production of the 35 members to be kept at the Cooperative. Storage capacity is 30,000 litres of olive oil in iron plate storage tanks.


Storehouses are built and distributed across the boroughs, which then each have their own olive delivery centre.


We reach a total of 767 members.

The Cooperative ends production of olive oil in traditional presses, and moves to a 3-phase continuous press, acquiring 2 continuous Pieralisi lines with a production capacity of 40,000 kg/24 h.


The cooperative now has 996 members.

The olives begin to be harvested together, doing away with the method that coordinated the work between the different centres.

A fat analyser allows the olive oil yield of each member to be determined by collecting a sample from each delivery.

The patio area at the Cooperative is paved.

7 more iron plate storage tanks are acquired, increasing the cooperative's storage capacity to 156,000 litres.


We now number 1095 members.

New investments are made in the scope of regulations 355/77 EEC: 2 M2 decanters with a capacity for over 40,000 kg/24h, a self-measuring pump, 17 stainless steel storage tanks, a 60-tonne weighbridge.



We now number 1102 members

Construction is begun on an olive oil packing and storage warehouse and an adjacent plot of land over 3,200 m2 is purchased. The cooperative is computerised.


The cooperative continues to grow. We now have 1 bottling line of 3,000 bottles/h, 1 electric sheet filter and 1 forklift truck.

The number of members rises to 1219.


Cooperative wins the 1st National Award – Gold Medal – at Campo Maior, Portugal.


New premises with a 3.7 million Euro investment. Building, olive reception equipment, mill equipped with state-of-the-art machinery  provided by Pieralisi®, international leader in the olive oil production industry, a laboratory, 26 stainless steel storage tanks with a capacity of 818 thousand litres, bottling lines and warehouse. It is the dawn of a new era in olive oil production, as well as a commitment to quality.


First Campaign Regulations, which establish a set of procedures, including campaign start dates, harvesting and transporting of the olives, condition of the olives delivered at the mill and the planting of new olive trees with a commitment to indigenous varieties.


Implementation of the Bonus System for Olive Growers. We were pioneers in attributing these incentives. Another important step towards boosting quality.


Participation begins in IOOC – International Olive Oil Competition, where the following awards are achieved:

- Los Angeles, USA – Gold Medal.

- Barcelona, Spain – Gold Medal.

- Agro Gourmet, Paris, France – Silver Medal.


New “Delivery Standards” are implemented after being approved at the General Meeting. These establish rules on the conditions of olive delivery with the aim of improving the quality of the olive oil produced. The standards include having to deliver the olives 18 hours after harvest and suppressing/prohibiting the use of bags to transport the olives, always with the goal of constantly improving the quality of the final product.


First production of single-variety olive oils, made from Cobrançosa, Madural and Verdeal. Right choice in this product range, as they have repeatedly won awards at national and international competitions.


Investment project (Proder) for the amount of 736,000 Euros to modernise the production and storage process. This project includes a new bottling line, reception and cleaning line, and an increase of 240,000 litres in the storage capacity in stainless steel tanks.


Investment project (Proder) for the amount of 831,000 Euros to increase production capacity through a new extraction line.


Quality standards ISO 22000 and 9001 are implemented. These standards, together with the investment projects undertaken and the internal quality standards stipulated, show the clear impact of our commitment to Quality.


Rosmaninho olive oil is internationally the most highly awarded Portuguese olive oil - Gourmet Madural; this extraordinary feat is repeated in 2017 with Gourmet Cobrançosa; Source:


Investment project (PDR 2020), for the amount of 847,000 Euros, aims to enhance olive reception conditions and increase extraction and bottling capacity. This year sees the conquest of a highly prestigious award for the cooperative. The Cooperative mill is considered among the Top 10 Mills in the world –


Our future ambition includes maintaining the high quality of the olive oil we produce every year. This is the commitment all our consumers deserve and the greatest tribute we can pay to our members.