Message from the Chairman of the Board

We have been a Cooperative for over 65 years, but with a past we are all proud of thanks to all the hard work on behalf of the traditional olive growing of Trás os Montes. Above all, we see ourselves as intransigent defenders of the olive growers of Valpaços and neighbouring municipalities, for whom our Cooperative represents a life choice of hard work and passion, based on the values of solidarity, equality and responsibility. Our great commitment is to provide satisfaction for our members, adopting innovation and development strategies without changing the nature of our terroir, and to produce an authentic PDO Virgin Olive Oil that the Rosmaninho brand takes around the world, gathering awards and accolades. The loyalty to our roots and values has made us a successful, wealth-generating project that has guaranteed the sustainability of our olive growing and its producers. Improving the excellence of our OLIVE OIL is our great commercial objective. That is why we have developed strategic and operational marketing policies in our current markets, while never ignoring new opportunities. In the capacity of Chairman, I hope this website will not only be institutional in nature, but will also shed light on our Cooperative and its contribution to the social and economic development of our region.


Paulo Ribeiro

Chairman of the Board

Message from our Olive Oil Sommelier

Year after year, my main focus is to guarantee an Extra Virgin Olive Oil that reflects the same authenticity, preserves all the aromas and provides memorable sensations for our consumers' palates. It is with this goal that our cooperative seeks to promote and reward our consumers' loyalty. My never-fading passion, the technical know-how acquired over more than 30 years, and the privilege of working with a several local growers, allows me to create various profiles of olive oil, with different intensities and sensorial characteristics, and unique terroirs, in both single-variety and blend categories. Consumers can then choose which olive oil they prefer according to taste and circumstances. My work is also facilitated by the experience of our olive growers, who harvest and bring the olives to the mill every year at the right time. The olives are processed immediately, using only cold extraction, thereby preserving all the characteristics of what we hope will be an absolutely genuine olive oil. These are the main ingredients for a high quality olive oil, suitable for seasoning or cooking, and worthy of both national and international public recognition. Enjoy!

José Ventura
Diretor Geral e Provador Oficial