Discover our work and the success story we started building over half a century ago in Trás-os-Montes.

The project came into being thanks to the dedication and know-how of the olive growers of Valpaços, who have been committed to the production of top-quality olive oil since 1951: a PDO extra virgin olive oil that continues to win awards in Portugal and around the world year after year. 

Our values

Our mission to produce an authentic olive oil is based on passion and honesty. 

And our commitment to the quality of our products is how we give consumers around the world a top-quality olive oil that carries with it the terroir of Trás-os Montes.

ROSMANINHO olive oil bears witness to the passion of our members, who have remained faithful to a centuries-old legacy across the years.

Our cooperative embodies not only the honesty that guides us, and to which we owe our longevity, but also the mutual understanding among our members and customer relations.

We see our constant commitment to quality as our duty in showing the respect we have for Trás-os-Montes, its people and the olive oil we all produce together.